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Hazelstar warriors is an amazing, active and literate warriors roleplay based on the book series by Erin Hunter. We have a welcoming and friendly community 400+ members to roleplay and chat with. Come join today! http://hazelstarwarriors.com

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Created by Inglis; this site was made to document all of the amazing memories Hazelstar Warriors has had in it's existence.

Rising Storm

Created by Feathy; a new website looking for new members. Two clans, two rogue groups, a plot in the working. 

Created by Silver; A warriors fanfiction site made for the members of Hazelstar Warriors. In order to join, you must PM Silver. 
Created by Shadowstar; Shadowstar Warriors is an active warrior roleplay consisting of four main clans; a rogue clan, a non-official clan and a small tribe. We are getting more members everyday and we will be on to roleplay almost everyday! Will you take the risk? 
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This is just a little place for people to come and see fellow member character websites!

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