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It was only moonhigh, and Spottedstar was tossing and turning fitfully in her sleep, making an absolute mess of her delicate nest, which was currently being reduced to a pile of soft sticks, grass, moss, feathers, and even some mud. The leader was having another one of her terrible nightmares from which she suffered from, but this one, she felt in her heart, was from Starclan. She was cautiously treading across a large, and misty clearing, which was so foggy and dense that she couldn't even make out her own whiskers. She continued on like that, slightly nervous that something was just going to jump out from the mist-cloud and jump her, when she accidentally tripped over a rough stray log that she of course hasn't spotted before she had falled over it. "Oof," she grunted as her body was pulled down the dewey grass, making a loud thump. She quickly rose to her paws and shook her body, acting as if nothing had ever happened -as a proud leader should- and causing dew-drops to fly everywhere. She glanced back at her pelt, narrowing her eyes as she saw that it was fluffed-up, as if she were a cloud or an innocent young kit trying to keep itself warm. Mrowling with slight amusement, she quickly gave her pelt several brisk licks to set it back down evenly among her body. When she had finished, she began padding away again, only to stumble in shock and horror as she no longer felt the lush, dew-ey green grass, but instead something hot. Something dangerous. She yowled as she whipped her head around her surroundings and saw that a fire had blazed all around her, engulfing her in it's deadly heat. She tried to leap away, but her paws were somehow glued to where she stood, which was on hot embers that were smoking at the touch of her rough pads. It's only a dream, it's only a dream, it's only a dream, she thought furiously to herself, but her body and the rest of her mind betrayed her, feeling completely terrified and trying to do anything and everything in her power to escape the deadly clutches of the flames. But her power was limited in her dreams, she thought as the flames licked at her closer and closer. Right before she thought the flames were going to swallow her whole, she saw three cats padding out from the fire, watching in amazement as the flames seemed to burn itself out as the cats walked deeper and deeper inside it and closer to where she stood. When Spottedstar stood almost nose to nose with the cats, she smiled sadly, instantly recognizing the cats who stood before her. "Hello mother and father," she meowed before turning toward the third cat. "And my beloved sister." Her family gazed back at her adoringly. "Oh my dear Spottedstar," the leader's mother meowed, her voice full of love and pride. "We've all just come to tell you that we're watching over you and Forestclan, and that we are very proud of you." Spottedstar blushed, smiling happily, yet sadly since her family had passed away many moons ago, and she was the only sole survivor of her family.
I feel that I deserve a high ranking character because I have been RPing for more than five years so I have a lot of experience in RPing warriors and clan cats. I also take time and effort into my RP samples and make sure to have the person who I'm RPing with after they read my RP sample be able to mentally visualize every single detail of what I'm RPing so that they can respond appropriately and know what I'm typing about. I've also been RPing on this particular site for about a year, and have been active ever since I signed up on this site. I'm also friendly with a lot of the other members on this site and we have a fun time RPing with each other. I do want a high ranking character and feel that I may deserve one on this site. (If I sound arrogant or over-confident I definitely do NOT want to sound that way.)
Reply Stella
9:27 PM on January 18, 2016 
ok thx
Reply Rosey<3
1:30 AM on July 15, 2015 
Welcome!(: I'm an admin here so if you need anything to all go ahead and pm me(:
ok thx :)
4:00 PM on July 14, 2015 
Welcome to HW, Brightheart, I am one of the admins, if you have any questions, please feel free to msg me!