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I currently roleplay the following:  Will post all pictures in a "Fan Art" post :)


Lilacfeather- Beautiful calico she-cat with deep blue eyes Mate: Stormshade (DC) Kin: Dogface (brother)

Dogface- Giant golden tabbby tom with DEEP amber eyes. Grotesquely scarred by a dog attack. One side of his body is mangled. His face shredded, ear missing, shoulder and hip twisted. He looks similar to Half-Face XD. Mate: Uh. None. Kin: Lilacfeather (sister)

~~ Darkclan

Shadowscream- stunning white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Mate: Shaddedtree (Former Mate: Nightfall, missing) Kin: Honeyleaf (Daughter) Servalspot (Son) Fawnspirit (Daughter) Hollypaw (Missing Daughter)

Ghostwhisper- Massive silvery/white tom with milky eyes. He appears blind but can see at night. Mate: Brokenleap Kin: (All deceased)

Fawnspirit- Pretty cream she-cat with deep brown eyes. Mate: Coalspot Kin: Shadowscream (Mother), Nightfall (Father), Honeyleaf (Sister), Servalspot (Brother), Hollypaw (Missing Sister)

Littlekit: A small white she kit with one deep blue eye and the other a deep emerald. Extremely sweet. Mate/Crush: None Kin: Shadowscream (Mother) Shaddedtree (Father) (Many siblings, will add later) 

_______kit: (Haven't decided on name yet): Handsome black bengal kit with white accents. Noble and kind. Mate/Crush: None Kin: Shadowscream (Mother) Shaddedtree (Father) (Many siblings, will add later)

Ivykit: small deformed calico. Has stump tail and twisted rear right leg. One of the two forbidden love kits. Mate/ Crush: None Kin: Brokenleap (Mother) Ghostwhisper (Father) Shadowscream ( Adoptive mother) Shaddedtree (Adoptive Father, doesn't know they aren't his)


Reedfang- Pretty blue she-cat with a red underbelly and long legs. Mate: Sagewhisper Kin: Sandpaw (Daughter) Vixenpaw (Daughter) Stonepaw (Son) Apprentice: Oceanpaw

Wolfshade- Massive silver tom with deep amber eyes. Mate: Turtlestar Kin: Lilypaw (daughter) Duckpaw (Son) Heavypaw (Son) Apprentice: Heavypaw

Vixenpaw- Pretty cream she-cat with a pale red mask, pale red stripes and pale red rings on her tail. She has icy blue eyes. Mate/Crush: None Kin: Reedfang (Mother) Sagewhisper (Father) Sandpaw (Sister) Stonepaw (Brother) Mentor: Riverwing

Heavypaw- A large black tom with silver fur around his neck like a scarf. Deep amber eyes. Mate/Crush: Sandpaw Kin: Turtlestar (Mother) Wolfshade (Father) Lilypaw (Sister) Duckpaw (Brother) Mentor: Wolfshade


Alistair- A handsome young black tabby tom with breath taking green eyes. Rogue. Kin: Sky (Father) Colette (Mother) Fog (Sister), Dove (Sister) Cirrus (Sister)

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Reply Inglis
5:13 PM on May 22, 2014 
Welcome to the site, Clayton :)