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19 years old
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Hi! Spacey here, Welcome to my page!


Silver she-cat with a white snowy muzzle and pelt. Her coat consists of darker colored stripes that scatter around her entire body. She has green eyes the pierce through the souls of other cats, and a large fluffy tail. Her small frame grants her the gift of speed and agility. Her small paws make her seem as if she’s walking on clouds, sending no waves of motion as the pads of her little paws touch the ground. She has no battlescars, and a rather soft looking coat. Littlepaw seeks adventure and can sense herbs, miles away.  Littlekit’s throat had been clogged limiting the oxygen she could breath. She’d have to be treated in the medicine cat den, opening her throat with herbs to help her breath normally. Thus, she’s well known with what Medicine cats do for the clan. Even now, does she have breathing problems and visits the Medic den daily for her treatment. Littlepaw pushes that behind her, not letting it take over her life as a cat of the clans. She doesn’t talk to many cats her own age, often getting along with ones older than her. She’s kind and compassionate, standing up to anyone being hurt. Shes very wise for a kit, speaking as if shes one of the older cats. Littlekit knows she was born to help others, and that she was made for so much more than she thought she was. She hopes that she could be a large part of the clan on its ever-growing way to endless success.

(Future warrior name is Littlepool)

I personally RP narrative, 3rd person. But I'm fine with any other RPing style! And I prefer RPers who take their time on replies and have fun little adventures. If you make small mistakes on your replies, thats okay! Not everyone is perfect!


Hit me up with an RP starter on PM. Don't even ask me, just send one and I'll be happy to reply and try as fast as I can to do so. I like 1 to 1 Rping because it's easy to work with, but you will also find me in the Windclan Camp if anyone is willing to RP with me. I put effort into my starters and replies, so I except you to do the same, otherwise I'd try to fit with your rping style.Me personally, I prefer narrative. I might send out starters if you're willing to RP with me, please send me starters too! Don't worry I dont bite..Usually..

About me, well.. I'm just a 16 year old RPer who grew up RPing basically. It's one of the many things I like to do besides make art and play videogames. Warrior cats was like my favorite book ever and I always drew my own cats that I created, and Featherpaw was one of them.

I like to watch Disney channel and animals are my favorite things on this earth.

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