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On my computer, bring the introvert I am
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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my profile! That's all I'm gonna say. :D  CATS: 19/20 Planning to kill:  RED FONT


I'm awesome

I'm currently doing wrestling and soccer


I LOVE roblox


I have 1 dog, 2 cats, a lot of fish, 1 bunny, 3 chickens, and yeah. We also have a coyotete pack and a black bear family in our neighborhood. Also cute little wild bunnies! <3


Lashingstorm, She-cat, orange fur with white tail and paws, sea green eyes, She is loyal and strong. (OPEN) (KIN: Wrenfeather)

Spottedtone, Tom, Gray and brown tabby with a white ear, Yellow like the sun eyes, He is calm and happy  (CRUSH: Swanbreeze

Wrenfeather, She-cat, Gray-blue fur, Firey orange eyes, She is strong and clever. (OPEN) (KIN: Lashingstorm)

Sorrelfall, She-cat, Soft white fur,, Bright blue eyes. She is pleasent and adventurous (OPEN) (KIN: Thistlefire)

Flurrysnow, She-cat, All white with a black pelt, stripes, and dots, Clear blue eyes, She is brilliant and optimistic (OPEN)


Applefeather, She-cat, Silver tabby with light blue eyes, She is calm and kind. (OPEN

Heatherpaw(heart), She-cat, Dark brown with blazing orange eyes, She is playful and dumb. (OPEN) (Bisexual)

Thornpaw(frost), Tom, Ginger and brown tortie, white tabby markings and piercing blue eyes. He is grumpy and stubborn. (DawnflowerxRedflare (OPEN) (KIN: Many cats)

Thistlefire, Tom, Fluffy gray fur, Stormy green eyes, He is Honest and wise. (OPEN) (KIN: Sorrelfall)

Brownkit(Tip), Tom, White with tips of tail and paws brown, dazzling green eyes, He is a coawrd and loyal.(Too young)


Tornwhisker, Tom, Calico brown fur and blazing orange eyes. He is cruel and cold-blooded (MATE: Grayfrost) (Deliverance)

Gentlepaw(wisp), She-cat, Base color gray, leads to silver as it wisps out, Sea-blue eyes, Dark gray points, She is Kind but has hard edges (OPEN) 

Lunapaw(breeze), She-cat, All black with a white paw and a torn ear, Dazzling gold-orange eyes, She is trouble and loyal (OPEN)

Dreampaw(cry), She-cat, Short dark brown tabby fur, Light amber eyes, She is Rude and ambitious (OPEN)

Dappledbreeze, She-cat, Brown, Gray, white, black, and orange calico, Lightning yellow eye and sky blue eye, She is charming and helpful. (OPEN)

Heartgaze, She-cat, Orange with heart shaped-shape around face, dazzling green eyes, She is Evil and Blood-thirsty. (OPEN)

Acornkit(Pelt), Tom, Chocolate fur, Amber eyes, He is rude and handsome. (TOO YOUNG) (KIN: MANY CATS)


Saltpaw(face), Tom, Light Brown with white chest, Hazel eyes, He is flirty and handsome. (OPEN)

Noisebreath, She-cat, Cream colored, Violet eyes, She is Wise and Grumpy. (TOO OLD)


Applepaw, died from Tornwhisker

Leafsong, died fromg Tornwhisker

Incoming cats: Midnightkit

That's all! :D

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