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Lightningscar: A black and white tom who will never backdown from a fight. He has blue eyes and a scar down his side in the shape of a lightning bolt. He thinks that some fighting is needed to solve some problems but most of the time he prefers not to fight. his son is NightFang his father was TigerStar but no one knows who his mother was. Leader of a groupd of cats that helped kill Tigerstar when he tried to take over the clans he is one of the most skilled cats in tracking and stealth. He used to be a kittypet after his father died but after 6 moons he got tired of just laying around doing nothing so he left the home he was in. He went to the mountains where he joined a group of cats that used the shadows to their advantege better than anyonelse. He quickly became one of the best of the killers in the group his last mission was to kill his own father which he did without anyone seeing him. Many of his friends have died so his heart has become dark with pain in the lost of his mate and friends but if you get to know him he can be very warm and nice. He doesnt like letting his guard down around others who he does not know and most cats try to stay on his good side.

Nightfang :A jet black tom hardly anyone knows anything about him most cats only know that you should not anger him. He has green eyes and part or his right ear is missing from so many fights. Most of the time he is very relaxed and tries to get a long with everyone he hates having enemies. He also hates fighting but if forced to he will protect his clanmates with his life even if he knows he will die. He was co-leader with his dad of a group of cats that were skilled in killing their taget without their target even getting a chance to fight back he thinks his skills surpass his father but he knows he is far from being as good as his father but he is one of the best at infiltrating clan camps and recovering kidnapped kits and apprentices. Along with his father he is one of the most skilled in killing he saw his father kill his father without any hesitation at all. He has followed his father and fights by his side when he is needed most of the time he watches knowing that if the other cat was smart that it would turn and run. His heart feels bad for his father because nothing good has happened to his father for a long time its just been one pain after another.

Both are former members of a clan in the mountains that relied on stealth and speed they both were only assigned mission for saving other clan mates because they never failed and they could get in and out of a clan camp without anyone realizing they were there and they would never leave a trace not even their scent can be picked up often.

Both Are Partner FIghters and they usually only fight with eachother because they know eachothers next move.

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Reply Inglis
9:31 PM on October 22, 2011 
That would be amazing LightningScar! Thanks :3
Reply Whiteheart
10:13 PM on October 20, 2011 
Reply Inglis
3:38 PM on October 13, 2011 
Welcome to the site LightningScar!