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Frogfang is a trusted elder of the Forestclan. His parents are long gone, and few known of. Frogfang knows much from his years and is very skilled in the medicine region. As with his years he tells many stories, for which the kits and apprentices enjoy, along with the secret joy the older cats of the clans like also. His presence is almost as an ancient spirit, with a melodic voice that could talk you right into starclan. Frogfang was once a great warrior with a high esteem until a great battle injured him badly in the hing leg, disabling it. Seeing no use in being a warrior anymore he gave his services to starclan and his clan members of Forestclan. Frogfang is a light tan color with tiger stripes that entertain his full body length. His eyes are a silvery green as a frog pond. The white on his muzzle show his years, and days lived. As most cats with an injury he has a limp that terrorizes his pad.

Cavesong :

Cavesong was a kit of a rouge mother, his mother knowing he would be greatly taken care she took him to gustclan to live and left him there. The reasons were of her own so nobody knows why she had to leave her there. Cavesong is a very sarcastic. he loves to talk to the elders of the clan and get stories out of them, in this way he is also a suck up; trying to get his way by doing services to others, to like him. It has been said that the others of his clan has seen his mother come to check up on Cave, but recently his visits have come less and less frequently. Cave has only seen her once on those visits. His mother is black as night with one star of white on her chest just like cave, but her eyes are a grey not the bright green that Cavesong possesses.


Dreamrush was a kit of a rogue, though she was rejected for being too small and weak looking. But to this day, she is Strong and brave never backing down from any challenge. As a loner she was always intruiged by water, and would spend hours just staring at it So this is how she chose her home. In general, she is brave and out spoken, though sometimes she can be quiet and sensitive. She is a very mysterious cat, rumoured to have been seen once or twice in waterClan territory before her proper arrival. Her eyes are a shimmering sea-blue, her fur A dark looking orange with darker specks and stripes and a white belly, muzzle and paws. Though she is not very good at hunting on land, she is a skilled fisher, swimmer, and vicious in battle.

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Pridevine is a dark grey tabby tom. His eyes are a dark green, hint the name vine. The clan he currently services is lightclan. His parents were killed by two rouges but saved by a female rouge as a kitten. He grew up In a situation of fend for yourself, fallen ( the female rouge that saved him) taught him everything he knows about hunting and fighting and surviving. When fallen died he went to lightclan to create a new life for himself. He is now a cunning, intelligent, loyal warrior of lightclan.

Deerstep- A fluffy tabby tom with pale hazel eyes. He is usually calm and operates well in stressful situations. He has good ideas and will gladly tell you his opinion if you ask for it. He isn't the most talkative cat, but is a reliable senior warrior. He is very smart and is very good at hunting and fighting. He would like a mate at some point and would make a good father, but doesn't want to jump into a commitment. Clan is lightclan.

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Reply Eternity
7:18 PM on January 28, 2013 
Hey friend-buddy! I missed you!
Reply Shimmer <3 Brokenstar
9:52 PM on November 29, 2012 
Your Back!!!!!!Yayz! Blackhowl went to skyclan and is rped by someone else now :( I didn't really rp with her after you left but hope to rp with you again.
Reply Inglis
9:20 PM on December 15, 2011 
Welcome to Hazelstar Warriors Dreamrush13
Reply Frogfang<3
5:18 PM on December 15, 2011 
Hey people! I'm back (: