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18 years old
On the marching field.
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Key:  ForestClan, DarkClan, WaterClan, LightClan, Loner

Brokenfoot: (DarkClan) Female, Kits: Rushweed [Son], Rumblecore [Son], Lightningheart [Daughter] Mate: Hornetheart, Siblings: None

Black and white she-cat with green eyes.

Taabe (Loner) Female, 28 Moons, Mate: None, Kits: None, SIblings, None, Kin: Sol [Father] Ursa [Mother] Rigel [Brother] Severed [Cousin]

Siamese she-cat with sky-blue eyes.

Blackpaw (LightClan) Male, Mate: None, Kits: None, Siblings: Rosepaw [Sister]

Jet black tom-cat with dark brown eyes and a cropped tail.

Lilykit (WaterClan) Female, Mate: None, Kits: None, Siblings: Heavykit [Brother] Duck-kit [Brother] Kin: Turtlestar [Mother] Wolfshade [Father]

Oddly-colored she-cat with gray and white splotched fur, mismatched green eyes.

Rosepaw (ForestClan) Female, Mate: None, Kits: None, Siblings: Blackpaw (LightClan) [Brother]

Brown and black tabby she-cat with brown eyes.

Adderfoot (DarkClan) Male, Mate: None, Kits: None, Siblings: None

smoky gray tabby tom with unusual violet eyes

Jonas (Loner) male, mate: none, kits: none, siblings: none

large solid brown tom with bright green eyes

lionkit (darkclan) male, mate: none, kits: none, siblings: undecided, Lightningheart [sister] Rumblecore [brother] Rushweed [brother] kin: Brokenfoot [mother] Hornetheart [father]

white tom with gold banded stripes and mismatched green eyes

Blackpaw's warrior name - Blackfox

Lilykit's warrior name - Lilyheart

Rosepaw's warrior name - Roseflight

Lionkit's warrior name - Lionray

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Reply Raineh
12:48 PM on June 25, 2015 
Northy bby please come back D: so much has happened since the last time we were both active
12:30 PM on April 19, 2015 
Northy, please come back. I miss you
Reply Innice
11:44 PM on January 31, 2015 
northyyyy please come back ;-; I miss you
We still need to continue Hornet/Broken
Reply Shadowstar
11:01 PM on January 2, 2015 
NORTHY I FEEL HORRIBLE I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE A SUPERNATURAL FAN TO! D: I should of known. I'm a Team Dean kind of gal but Cas is awesome to! Castiel is so adorable in every aspect of life. ;D
9:49 PM on October 3, 2014 
I am glad you are back
Reply Raineh
8:31 PM on September 25, 2014 
Okay, it's the American version of JohnLock then xD
I don't know if any of the writers are against it/support it/are neutral towards it tho.
Reply Raineh
10:49 PM on September 23, 2014 
Also, since you're on season seven, can you tell me when Cas comes in? And is there ever any kissy-shippy moments between him an Dean or did the fandom just completely blow it out of proportion?
8:20 PM on September 5, 2014 
Please, come back!
4:24 PM on April 26, 2014 
You on?
10:49 PM on April 22, 2014 
Reply Northy
4:30 PM on April 21, 2014 

Sugarghost and Runningfire: He nosed her comfortingly. "Come in a bit deeper, just relax at first and let yourself float."
Rosey Goes Rawr
5:44 PM on April 3, 2014 
I miss you come back
Reply Northy
10:52 AM on March 17, 2014 

"What?"He asked and looked at Shardpaw and blinked his eyes."What?"
Northy: Shardpaw giggled. "You've got a bit of sticky-outy fur on your head." He pointed out. "Makes you look like a rhinoceros."
Ravenwing: "Good."He nodded sitting next to Dark,
Reply Shimmer
11:13 PM on February 18, 2014 
I love your new avatar :D
Reply Northy
4:32 PM on February 11, 2014 

Lightningtail: "Well Scream. Im sure my kits would love to. And I'd like to help. Might need a might if strategies to confuse the enemy."Hawk volunteered//Severed looked up at his father, then his siblings. But the tom staid quiet.
xxCatProtecterxx (Willow): Stream padded in and sat beside Scream.
Ravenwing: Silver ran in and skidded to a halt beside her sister.
Innice The Menace: Scream looked down as Stream and Silver plopped themselves down beside him, then looked back at Ursa. he nodded at Hawk, dipping his head in respect slightly as he did so, "they will learn to defend themselves" he chided, looking down at Naakshig as the little she-cat spoke "well you'll have to find a cat who knows healing first, and all if those cats are usually former Clan cats. the Clans have the most knowledge of herbs." His attention drug back to Ursa, meeting her stern gaze "your kits are already in the group, Ursa, Harley already made me promise." His ear twitched as his gaze traveled to Sol, the large tom, who it seemed was only a kit yesterday, now towered over all. Scream didn't know why, but Sol had always amazed him, even when the Tom did something completely ordinary. He looked back at Ursa with a slight smile expectantly.
Lightningtail: "Mystic has ties to a clan, they will taket he kit. Then teach Naakshig and then later I will steal her back. If she wants to, if not, then she will just have to learn the basics from her mother and go in from there," Hawk meowed,"But if I find a former medicine cat then the situation will be better." //"Dad, why are you inlisting us, it is our choice," Severed meowed
Sugarghost and Runningfire: Eagle woke up from his little daze of a snooze and blinked up at Scream, a bit confused. "What's going on?" he asked, getting up. // Colette walked in and sat in the entrance, curling her white tail around her paws daintily, looking at the kits. // Eagle slunk up to Scream curiously, ears flat, intimidated.
Lightningtail: "You and your siblngs are going to join the rouge group. I am part of the group and so are many other great cats." Hawk explained to Eagle.
Reply Sugarghost and Runningfire
4:02 PM on January 21, 2014 
For your evil bloodline... how about Harley x Colette?
Reply Feathy
5:23 PM on December 24, 2013 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Rage
12:00 AM on December 3, 2013 
I'm still a member there. I just changed my name and pic.
Reply Feathy
9:27 PM on November 30, 2013 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Rage
10:36 AM on November 30, 2013 
What do you mean?