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Hi! My name in rl is Sammi (short for Samantha, which is a stupid name), so you can call me either Sammi or my username, Minty. My younger sister Charlotte, known on HSW as Flame or Feather, gave me her account cuz she didn't want it anymore. So yeah. Anyways, my friends consider me funny and social, though I don't consider myself that popular. I'm in seventh grade and I don't have perfect grades, but I love being me anyways.

Orange means tom.

Magenta means she-cat.

Light blue means deceased (in StarClan).

Red means deceased (in Dark Forest).

[ and ] means extra facts.


Bubblepaw ; Crush: Earthquake ; Kin: Unknown


Flashfeather ; Crush: None ; Kin: Bramblethorn (ex-Mate), Pricklepaw (son)

Bramblethorn ; Crush: None ; Kin: Flashfeather (ex-Mate), Pricklepaw (son) [Hates Flashfeather and Pricklepaw]

Pricklepaw ; Crush: Mistystorm ; Kin: Flashfeather (mother), Bramblethorn (father) [Likes Mistystorm but obviously can't be her mate]


Roseblade ; Crush: None ; Kin: Unknown [Came from the mountains; Killed by Freeze and Venom]

Featherfreeze ; Crush: Venom ; Kin: Willowpaw (sister), Dragonheart (sister) [Rogue name: Freeze]


Leafglow ; Crush: Darkshard ; Kin: Willowbreeze (sister), Crowstorm (brother-in-law), Sagepaw (neice) , Cloverpaw (neice), Dawnpaw (neice), Spottedpaw (neice) [Hates Greysnow for breaking Darkshard's heart]

Tigerkit ; Crush: None ; Kin: Leafglow (mother), Darkshard (father) [Not Born Yet, Coming Soon!]


Foxpaw ; Crush: None ; Kin: Raveonwing (mother), Spiritcloud (father), Lionpaw (sister), Stonepaw (brother), Tigerpaw (brother) [Originally from FC but left because of memories of Raveonwing]


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Reply Minty (Samuscus!!!)
12:12 PM on November 22, 2012 
Saved that post.
Reply Minty (Samuscus!!!)
12:12 PM on November 22, 2012 
A spirit appeared next to Leafglow. Leafglow whispered, "Mom? Is it my time to go to StarClan?" Her mother shook her head. "No, silly," she purred softly, "It is not your time. Let me remove the thorns...." Leafglow kicked her dead mother in the face. "NO!" she screamed. She hissed, "Let me be, mom! I can take care of myself! I don't need anyone, or anything!" She rose to her paws, wincing in pain as the thorns in her pads sunk in, and ran to camp.
Reply Maxride268
8:00 PM on November 9, 2012 
Welcome! are you on?
7:09 PM on November 7, 2012 
Welcome Minty.