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Mate- Warclaw

Kits- Sol, Blink, Hawk, Maisie, Kesteral, Pigeon, Blair

Slim with pitch black fur, Poison purple eyes, Twisted front paw, She-cat



Mate- Kaleheart

Kits- None (Had a miscarriage)

Slender silver tabby, Crystal blue eyes, Tall, She-cat



Mate- Ratfury

Kits- Shadowpaw, Willowpaw, Cloudpaw

Slender cream colored pelt, Blue eyes, She-cat



Crush- None

Small, Multishaded grey pelt, Some kitten fluff, Emerald eyes, She-cat



Mate- Wolfshade

Kits- Heavypaw, Duckpaw, Lilypaw

Tall and Slim, Sand colored, Moss green eyes, She-cat



Crush- None

Sand-colored with serval-like spots, Light green eyes, Tall, Tom



Mate- Lightningheart

Kits- None

Odd-coloration, Black and White pelt, One blue eye/One green eye, Tall and Muscular, Tom



Mate- None

Kits- None

Off-white base coat with large brown splotches on her head, shoulders, back, tail base, and tail.



Crush- Blair

Handsome, Orange/Yellow fur, Emerald eyes, Tall and slim



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Reply Mountainheart
9:07 PM on December 6, 2015 
Thank you!
ok thx
Reply Shimmer <3
4:07 PM on June 17, 2015 
OMG Congrats Rosey! Im happy that your the new admin :D
~Love, Shimmer
Reply Innice
7:15 PM on November 24, 2014 
Reply Rosey<3
9:33 PM on August 12, 2014 
CD wants Gentleheart to die, btw.) Warclaw growled, but held his ground and pressed harder on Gentleheart's chest. He shifted his position, attempting to get her into a pin. "What you're doing really reminds me of one of my signature moves. Want to see?"
Rosey Goes Rawr
Reply pac27
8:58 AM on October 13, 2013 
Reply Sugarghost and Runningfire
4:24 PM on October 10, 2013 
Rosey we should join my epic evil bloodline with your epic evil bloodline!!
Reply Sugarghost and Runningfire
6:05 PM on August 22, 2013 
Wow. Awesome pic.
Reply Spidey
6:48 PM on July 20, 2013 
Reply Spidey
3:55 PM on June 16, 2013 
I am only allowed to call you Roseykins.
Reply Spidey
10:02 PM on April 27, 2013 
Sleep, my little Luna
Let your dreams take wing
One day when you're big and strong
You will be a leader....
I've been exiled, persucuted
Left alone with no defense
When I think of what that brute did
I get a little tense
But I dream a dream so pretty
That I don't feel so depressed
'Cause it soothes my inner kitty
And it helps me get some rest
The sound of Alpha's dying gasp
His friend squealing in my grasp
His love's mournful cry
That's my lullaby
Now the past I've tried forgetting
And my foes I could forgive
Trouble is I knows it's petty
But I hate to let them live
So you found yourself somebody who'd chase Alpha up a tree

Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me

The melody of angry growls
A counterpoint of painful yowls
A symphony of death, oh my!
That's my lullaby

Scar is gone... but Dog's still around
To love this little kit
Till she learns to be a killer
With a lust for being bad!
One day when you're big and strong
You will be a leader
The pounding of the drums of war
The thrill of Luna's mighty roar
The joy of vengeance
I can hear the cheering
Luna! What a girl!
Payback time is nearing
And then our flag will fly
Against a blood-red sky
That's my lullaby!
Reply Shadowstar
9:28 PM on April 23, 2013 
I miss ya sista
Reply Sugarghost and Runningfire
5:41 PM on March 25, 2013 
just in case Inny and I blot these out:
Reply S is for.....SHIMMER
6:56 PM on March 21, 2013 
Reply S is for.....SHIMMER
6:28 PM on March 20, 2013 
*cough cough* visit my profile
Reply Train-Killer
10:47 AM on March 3, 2013 
thanks for the welcome :3 Rosey
Reply Isio Rana
9:36 PM on February 16, 2013 
MLP?I love that.I'm waiting for the next episode/season but I'm really glad my BOFF should me it
Reply Isio Rana
5:25 PM on February 16, 2013 
Your tuning everyone into what?
Reply S is for.....SHIMMER
1:35 PM on February 10, 2013 
Love yours too :D
Reply Innice
5:47 PM on January 10, 2013 
AND THIS IS PART 2 - He began to back away when the mud under his paws on the bank gave way and he began to slide forward but held his claws firmly in the mud, so his hindquarters swung around and splashed into the ice cold water. He dangled, clinging for his life, his long fur was sodden and heavy, so it was difficult to even life his tail above the water. He clung to the muddy bank, but then finally decided it was over, his whole life was completely gone. His mate, mother father brother. His kits wouldn't even remember him once all of this was over. Flowerpetal wouldn't be sad, neither would Oakstorm, they'd be happy together forever. He released his claws and splashed quietly into the ice cold water. At first it was a shock, but his body began to relax, tumbling smoothly about in the water. This is nice... He thought everyone is happy, Flowerpetal and Oakstorm won't take another glance at me, and my kits will forget me and when one of them becomes Leader I'll give them a life...When they're older I'll tell them who I am..." He eyes fluttered as water began to seep into his lungs and he ignored their aching. At last he closed his eyes and darkness overwhelmed him // His eyes fluttered open, he was numb, and dry. Opening his eyes, expecting to see StarClan he woke up to unfamiliar Territory, washed up on the bank, which sloped oddly here like a beach instead of a real riverbank. His haunches and hindlegs were still in the water. His dragged himself out, shaking off excess water with a shiver. He blinked in his surroundings, a small lake, with the river feedings into it. He dried off and quickly caught a rabbit. After he had finished eating, he was basking in the setting sun, eyes closed and smiling I could stay here forever... He thought. He liked this place, it seemed to complete him, and seemed like a a forgotten memory, every smell he smelt here sent a memory flinging into his mind from before he could remember. Sparrowleaf then drifted off into a light sleep. // When he awoke the moon shone brightly. He stood up and looked at the river that he knew led back to the Clans, and he swore in the near distance he could see a silver willow, glowing in the moonlight, swaying slightly in the breeze. the sight made his side ache. So he lay down on his back gazing up at the moon, the light breeze ruffling his long fur.