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Vanilla-y Dylan :D

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In a tube of vanilla yogurt! AKA: FL
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I love vanilla, obviously. My name ish Dylan... I like to play tennis. I hates Twilight. Vampires are stupid. :D

Petalpaw, She-cat, DarkClan: Oddly pure white she-kit,with darling emerald green eyes. Loves her half sister Ricekit, though she's the only one who really knows that the she-kit was from her fathers other mate.

Smallpaw, Tom, LightClan: Smallpaw is a black and white she-cat with yellow-green eyes. He is shy and gentle normally, but if you insult him, he will easily claw you. His teeth are very sharp, but he does not often use them often. He can be perfectly calm and terrifyingly fierce at the same time, and he will show you just how sharp those claws are. He is particularly protective of his sister. He is curious and open-minded. He is quite a good fighter but almost always holds back as he hates the idea of hurting other cats.

Birchpaw, She-cat, LightClan: She is usually quiet and shy around others, but around those she considers to be her friend she becomes playful and enthusiastic. She tries to be loyal and follow the warrior code but finds it hard, and in some cases may consider friendship and family to be more important then the clan as a whole, especially her brother, Smallpaw. She believes in Starclan but has no special connection to it. Even if something is wrong she will not say anything and is good at looking happy. She does not mind work and will not complain but would still prefer to be hunting- who wouldn't? She is not a fast runner but has very good endurance and has to be working all day to get tired. . She is not very strong or very intelligent when it comes to tactics, but can think quickly in a sticky situation.

Lilacpaw, She-Cat, LightClan: A small apprentice with a love for learning herbs. She has ginger fur with white ears and tail tip and lilac-purple eyes, for which she was named. She loves to help her clanmates and can often be found in the medicine den, helping the medicine cat with anything. She loves the smell of herbs, mint mainly. She has a good memory.

Blossempaw, She-Cat, LightClan: Blossompaw is an adorably tiny white she-cat with bright green eyes and a distinctively bright pink nose. She is kind and generous towards many but if you hurt her, it takes her a long time to find the courage to forgive. Shy at times, she is only open to a pawful of cats. Once you get to know her, she will be the most commited cat you will ever meet. She wants to hve kits someday, but is worried about having to choose: Between her clan, and her kin.

Wheatkit, Tom, LightClan: Wheatkit is a dusty brown with lynx-like tufts on his ears and a kind, gentle personality.

Radientpaw, She-Cat, DarkClan: She is the runt of the litter but that dosen't stop her! Radiantkit is a small, fluffy calico she-cat. Anytime she wants to get something she'll play fight for it even though its not her favorite thing to do!!

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Reply Spidey
10:18 PM on September 7, 2012 
Made u a buddy pug on my photos.
Reply Vanilla-y Dylan :D
3:21 PM on July 9, 2012 
Thanks. I like yours too! LOL! But I love your username! :D
Reply Ember!
6:56 PM on June 11, 2012 
I luv vanilla! Cute pic! :)